Once we get connected to your account, we start to build out your campaign. Time goes into looking over the intake questions, considering targeting options, auditing past account performance, and checking the conversion tracking.

After we put together a full campaign with some different things to test, we send that over to you for your review (typically within 7 days from receiving the intake). You can suggest any changes/tweaks at this time. Once you’re happy with the build, we set the campaign live.

We check a few different things in the account to make sure it’s running smoothly and providing conversions. We determine your most important KPI and aim to get the lowest cost possible for conversions.

We do this by monitoring CPAs for keywords, ad groups & campaigns. We also monitor search term reports to determine the quality of the traffic and use negative keywords to keep bad traffic out. We also diagnose problems or concerns with bidding strategies, impressions share, and volume.

Search, Display, Youtube (Pick one)
Full campaign setup
Keyword research
Ad group themes
Ad extensions
Split testing ads
Search query reports
Negative keywords
Weekly optimization
Email list upload

Google Shopping ads
Custom Images/Videos (unless provided by client)
Landing page consultation
Marketing strategy
Placement of tracking scripts on website(s)
Google Analytics Support
Google My Business Support
3rd Party Tools Support


Is this a new business or one that has already been validated by the market with consistent sales? 

If you haven't had sales yet, please understand that in this case, Facebook & Google ads will function as a validation of market demand for the product/service & landing page/offer quality as well. We’ve had good results with helping businesses that are already making sales, but we cannot help you if there is no market for your product/service.


Ad traffic is only half of the battle. Once you get traffic to your site, you still have to work to convert your prospect. This is called conversion rate optimization and is a discipline unto itself. This can be done on a single landing page or site-wide.

The point is that how your site/landing page is laid out will have an effect on conversions. Ideally, you should be testing different versions of things to find out what works. We recommend looking up and implementing best practices.