Case Studies: Facebook Ads

Case Study – 01

For this client, he was promoting a number of different books and courses and he asked us to help with the promotion of one of his highest-priced courses. Our campaign is the fifth one in this screenshot and provided the client a 7200% Return on Ad Spend! This campaign is a good example of what is possible when a client has a stellar funnel that they then connect to our services.

Case Study – 02

This client was looking to generate leads for a site where customers can sell electronics for cash. We found some highly specific targeting that was able to generate 1256 quotes requested on his site in a very short amount of time, at $1.78 per lead!
Case Study – 03

This client was looking to run a continuous ad that would essentially function as an open job listing. A new hire was extremely valuable to the client and they were more than happy to see 21 leads within the first few weeks at $25.67 per lead. The ad continues to run to this day and still generates new potential hires.
Case Study – 04

This campaign was for a client looking to pull people into her sales funnel with 3 separate free offers that ran sequentially. Despite a tracking error on the client's end for the 2nd promotion (explaining the lack of opt-ins for 2 ad sets), the campaign was still a massive success, with 154 measured opt-ins at $7.07 per opt-in.

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