Welcome to Heaviside Facebook Ads

Once we get connected to your account, we start to build out your campaign. Time goes into looking over the intake questions, considering targeting options, auditing past account performance, looking at available custom & lookalike audience, checking the pixel & conversions, and making the ad creative.
After we put together a full campaign with some different things to test, we send that over to you for your review (typically within 7 days from receiving the intake). You can suggest and changes/tweaks at this time. Once you’re happy with the build, we set the campaign live.
We monitor the campaign performance, optimize, and provide a weekly update on stats and of course answer any questions you have throughout the week for the remainder of the gig timer. We optimize around demographics, ad split tests, and judge whether the audience and offer is working or not and adjust from there.
We use a combination of interest targeting & custom/lookalike audiences to dial in the best audience for your website. We will try different interests to see how they perform while building custom audiences that we can use to retarget and also find people similar to those who converted.
  • Full campaign setup
  • Audience/targeting split tests
  • Ad creative split tests
  • Stock photography
  • Ad copy
  • Retargeting
  • Funnels
  • Weekly optimization

  • Social media posts
  • Pixel placement on site
  • Custom Images/Videos (unless provided by client)
  • Connecting CRM (for lead ads)
  • Responding to comments on ads
  • Landing page consultation
  • Marketing strategy
  • 3rd Party Tools Support
Is this a new business or one that has already been validated by the market with consistent sales?  
If you haven't had sales yet, please understand that in this case, Facebook & Google ads will function as a validation of market demand for the product/service & landing page/offer quality as well. We’ve had good results with helping businesses that are already making sales, but we cannot help you if there is no market for your product/service.
There has been a recent explosion of e-commerce stores and people on Facebook are being heavily marketed to. So to be successful, not only do you have to have a conversion-optimized site with zero friction points and great products that people actually want to buy, but you also need to put some thought into the marketing & messaging of the brand, trying different marketing channels & strategies.
Lot's of new store owners think they can just throw ads up and automatically get sales, but they don't realize everybody is doing that right now. And most of them don't want to put the extra work in to make the experience unique, so they fail. If there is the smallest amount of confusion in the process people will bounce and shop somewhere else.
That said, we tend to shy away from newer store owners unless their niche is very unique and well researched by the store owner. A lot of people come to us with apparel or miscellaneous Shopify sites, which are very difficult to get results for right now because the market is so flooded.
Ad traffic is only half of the battle. Once you get traffic to your site, you still have to work to convert your prospect. This is called conversion rate optimization and is a discipline unto itself. This can be done on a single landing page or site-wide.

The point is that how your site/landing page is laid out will have an effect on conversions. Ideally, you should be testing different versions of things to find out what works. We recommend looking up and implementing best practices.

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