How to get pre-approved to run Facebook Ads for restricted content (Gambling)

Ads, Pages, Instagram accounts, and Apps that promote or facilitate online RMG are only permitted to have a presence on Facebook with our prior written approval. 

Please fill out this form if you are looking to advertise Real Money Gaming on Facebook & Instagram. Please note that each on-boarding is undertaken only for specific domains and regions. Being approved for one region, does not entitle you to target another region. 
Similarly, for every new domain that needs to be promoted, a new on-boarding request needs to be filled out.
Please complete Facebook's  Online Real Money Gaming Onboarding Application Form to get your ad account pre-approved. Once your account is approved we will then be able to start creating Facebook ads for you. If your account does not get approved we will regretfully not be able to run any ads for you. 

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